Mission Statement


Moyo Academy Founder – Ida Amani

Moyo Academy is a Secondary School for girl boarders aged 11- 18 set in a beautiful area of NkhotaKota close to the shore of Lake Malawi.

Our Mission is to build a world-class school and improve access to education for girls – thus helping to provide one of the most basic needs and human right of every individual: Education.

Founded by a Malawian woman who is passionate about Education. Moyo Academy aims to help children across Malawi and give work, support and scholarships in the rural village of Sani, Nkhotakota where access to secondary education is almost non-existent. Children in this region often walk 12km to reach their nearest secondary school, leaving the majority with no access to this basic and fundamental need.

Moyo Academy aims to build and develop a self-sustainable learning environment that will deliver both high-quality education to National and International standards and offer local people a way out of poverty through work creation and scholarship. We want to inspire girls locally and nationally within the spirit of the charter of the United Nations’ Millenium Goals.